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There are many solar companies serving the Lowcountry today. Did you know that most of them do not install the solar systems they sell? They use subcontractors, often resulting in unattractive and unreliable solar systems installed with little quality control. What’s worse, your installation warranty could be lost in translation between the solar company you hired and the contractor they hired to install it.

While there are many factors to consider when selecting a solar company, we believe these are the most important:


Your home is your biggest investment. And when it comes to protecting the contents of your home, your roof is the most important feature. Obviously, you’d want to trust the contractors hired to install your solar energy system on your roof. At Hilton Head Solar, we are direct installers. Our employees are up on your roof, providing the highest quality installation, top-of-the-line equipment, and impeccable service to assure that your solar system will reliably provide your home with clean, renewable electricity for years to come.  Backed up by our own internal roofing division, you can rest assured that you have experts working on your roof.


Hilton Head Solar is managed and advised by an all-star team of highly specialized professionals with financing, project development and construction expertise in renewable energy, real estate, and general construction. With more than 20 years of experience directly installing renewable energy systems and building residential homes from the ground up – we are uniquely qualified to design, install, and maintain your solar power system.

We specialize in custom solar support structures and customized racking solutions, using the most efficient and awarded solar modules in the market. We work with a large variety of manufacturers that help us be very flexible with our systems designs.


“Install it right the first time, and you can depend on it for years.”

Steven Schwartz, founder and CEO of Hilton Head Solar

There are many factors to consider with your solar company. Are they proposing the accurate energy analysis for your home or business?  Or are they over-selling themselves in order to win your contract?  Clearly, you want an accurate proposal so you know what your accurate return on investment is going to be.  You should also want to hire a licensed and experienced contractor to install your system.  Would you hire an unlicensed pilot to fly your plane?

At Hilton Head Solar, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Every time.

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