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Roof Replacement

Since 2015, Hilton Head Solar & Roofing has been installing superior roofing systems for homeowners, with an unparalleled level of excellent customer service and quality products. Moreover, our roof replacements always come at competitive prices because we believe that a quality roof is something every homeowner needs to have access to.

Relying on more than a century of combined roofing and repair experience, our roofers conduct premium-quality roof replacements and installations at the highest industry standards. Once we’re done with your roof, you can count on it to provide you with long-lasting protection and unmatched curb appeal.

Roof Repair

As a direct service provider, we can service all your small or large roof repairs that are necessary to keep your home dry and safe from outdoor elements. From day one, you will notice our attention to the details of your roof and see how efficiently and thoroughly we approach each roof repair project.

We provide our customers with a personalized approach, offering same-day repairs. Our goal is to stop all leaks and other damages before they grow bigger and cause further stress to homeowners. You can count on us to work quickly but efficiently to give you peace of mind and a top-functioning roof.

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Storm & Wind Damage Repair

The Lowcountry has very severe weather patterns. Some months are worse than others, and from time to time, the Lowcountry receives hail and wind damage to our rooftops. Our roofing team is affiliated and trained by nationwide storm damage specialists. We will work with you and your insurance company each step of the way to evaluate the best solution in repairing or replacing your damaged rooftop.

As your direct service provider, we can inspect your rooftop very quickly, speak with your insurance agent, and qualify your home for a roof replacement. If you feel that your home has suffered roof damages due to a recent storm, call us for a free inspection.

How Does Hail Damage Your Roof?

Hail is comprised of pellets of frozen rain that fall in showers in certain storms. If the hail is large enough and has a significant velocity, it can easily puncture the roof shingles. These strikes can degrade the asphalt granules, leaving the tar asphalt exposed to direct UV rays, which is the number one cause for rooftop degradation.

The sun’s UV rays can actually burn through the tar asphalt over time, eventually exposing the underlayment and possibly the wood decking of the roof. If this happens, the hail can have a big impact on the integrity of the roof, causing cracking of the shingles and interior water damage.

How Does Wind Damage Your Roof?

Wind speeds in the Lowcountry can gust up to 160 mph. Whether your rooftop was originally installed properly or not, the wind can be very damaging to a roof shingle. As the shingles degrade from the sun’s UV, they can get dry and brittle over time. And when the shingles get dry and brittle, they tend to bend or curl. So, when the high winds hit, they can force your shingles to lift, and the curling does not help in any way. When the shingles lift, they can crease, crack, and break.

This damaging process reduces the roof’s ability to protect the home from water penetration. Once water enters the rooftop, the water can get trapped under or inside the wood decking and begin to cause wood rot and mold. As homeowners, we are always on the ground level or inside the home and we usually cannot see or look for these signs of damage. That’s why wind damage should always be closely inspected by a professional. As a certified and licensed roofer, Hilton Head Solar & Roofing can help inspect these issues for your peace of mind.


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Insurance Claims

Hilton Head Solar & Roofing works with all insurance providers to try and qualify your roof for a hail or wind damage insurance claim. And to qualify for an insurance claim successfully, it is very important that you hire the right roofer to complete the roof inspections and help you with the entire process step by step. You will only have one chance to qualify your roof with your existing insurance provider, so make sure to call Hilton Head Solar & Roofing for help! We will conduct a FREE roof inspection and see if you qualify.

Free Roof Inspection

Before kicking off any new roofing project, Hilton Head Solar & Roofing will first provide you with a free roof inspection and an in-home consultation. We will assess your roof thoroughly and then draw up a detailed proposal with all the pertinent information you need for your project – whether it is a roofing repair or choosing a brand-new roofing system for your home. We handle every phase of your project and work with you to determine your needs based on your budget.

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