Roof mounts are often an excellent choice for many commercial solar panel installations as well as, for most residential projects.  Depending on the size of the homeowner’s or commercial properties’ roof, the available space on it, and your business’ energy consumption, you may be able to generate up to 100% of the energy you need to run your business in the space you already have.

At Hilton Head Solar, we understand every roof is different.  That’s why we customize a design that is perfect for you.

All roof mounted solar systems help deflect the number one degradation inhibitor to a rooftop, UV rays.  While the UV rays are deflected from the roof, the solar panels help the facility stay cooler and offer power production at the same time.

Roof mounts are available for both sloped and flat top roofs.

  • For sloped roofs – the solar PV system array is mounted generally within a few inches of the surface of the roof.  It is also installed parallel to the angle of the roof.  To maximize energy production, they are typically installed on the side of the roof that gets the most unobstructed sun.  Most residential systems use rails attached to support rows of solar panels.  The rails are secured to the roof by a bolt or screw with flashing installed over the hole to ensure a watertight seal.
  • Flat roofs sometimes offer more flexibility in terms of your solar panel design.  Not only can the solar panels be tilted to capture the most of the sun’s rays but typically, more solar panels can be mounted on the roof as there is less spacing between rows.  With flat roofs, we can orient the solar panels to face south. We then mount them at the correct angle regardless of which direction your facility faces.  That way, your system can be optimized for maximum electricity production.

Getting started is easy! 

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Call Hilton Head Solar TODAY at 843-21-SOLAR (76527) for your complimentary solar evaluation.  It only takes 15 minutes to find out if solar is right for you.

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