Tesla Solar

Hilton Head Solar and Roofing now proudly offers Tesla
Energy products to the Lowcountry and its surrounding areas.
Become energy independent with Tesla’s solar and battery products backed by Hilton Head Solar and Roofing’s ten year workmanship warranty installed with attention to every detail. Tesla Energy products fuse reliability, minimalist streamline details while raising the bar in the renewable energy sector.
Premium Power and Protection for your home

Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla’s Solar Roofing system provides a stunning aesthetic solar energy option for discerning homeowners and strict homeowner associations. As one of less than fifty Tesla Certified Installers nationwide, Hilton Head Solar and Roofing is proud to offer our clients the most technologically advanced roofing system by Tesla. Our installation team is comprised of hand selected top professionals including electricians, roofers and metal fabricators holding over 80 years of combined expertise. Our sharp attention to detail and superior craftsmanship is what sets Hilton Head Solar and Roofing apart from our competitors. We also hold our own in-house design team which allows us to explain in depth the details of a project and meet client expectations resulting in a beautiful, steadfast and efficient end product.

Along with this amazingly reliable and efficient energy production, you’ll also get a premium roof that is built to last for decades. Tesla solar tiles are three times stronger than standard solar modules on the market and come with a 25-year warranty backed by Tesla. Created to withstand all types of weather, including hail, high winds and strong storms, these durable tiles will give homeowners the protection and peace of mind they desire.

Tesla’s Solar Roof system is the renewable energy system unlike any other, unsurpassed in its performance, appearance, and innovative design.

As your trusted Tesla Certified Solar Roof Installers, you can rely on Hilton Head Solar and Roofing to give you the best new Tesla solar roof, custom-tailored to your needs. You can finally
enjoy your very own, cost-effective, sustainable, and reliable source of energy.

Futuristic Performance

Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla solar roof panels are the perfect solution for homeowners who are looking to switch to a solar power source but don’t need a completely new roof. Tesla solar modules are installed over your existing roof, allowing you to capture all the benefits of the sun’s sustainable and renewable energy. Installing these Tesla solar panels will allow you to start producing your own power with a return on investment.

The Tesla solar panels are triple black in color, have a very low-profile and are aesthetically pleasing to pair perfectly with your existing roof. Our installation team is directly certified by Tesla to give our clients flawless performance and profitability using a unique superior method to assure that your home is protected from potential roof leaks.

Complete Reliability

Tesla Powerwall

A Tesla Powerwall is an indispensable pairing for your solar system if you live in an area prone to frequent storms, inclement weather, blackouts, and power outages. Tesla Powerwall batteries store energy produced by your solar system, allowing you to store excess energy that your system has collected for later use. You canuse your energy at night or during power outages.

With a Tesla Powerwall your home solar system becomes a self-renewing power plant giving homeowners peace of mind knowing that your household will never run out of energy and that
your power will always stay on. Our Tesla-certified solar installers will make sure of it.

At Hilton Head Solar, we will install your Tesla solar system together with the Tesla Powerwall
at the highest industry standards, fully customizing it for your specific home energy needs
and usage. We’ll design your Tesla solar battery system to handle the essential circuits , i.e., those that you deem the most important. These are usually the security system, refrigerator, internet router, select lighting, water pump, as well as any other appliances you deem essential. Your Tesla Powerwall will detect electrical outages and switch to battery power automatically.

The Hilton Head Solar team will install and maintain the entire system so that it works flawlessly.

Why Choose Hilton Head Solar for your Tesla Roof?

Hilton Head Solar has an established relationship with Tesla and was one of the first in the nation to be selected to offer their renewable energy products. Hilton Head Solar’s installation team has undergone extensive training to earn its Tesla Solar Roof certification. With our ten year workmanship warranty and astute focus on customer service and satisfaction our clients can feel confident throughout your project. Hilton Head Solar and Roofing will take clients through each step of the process for a full understanding of their investment project.

Utilizing our in-house design team, engineers, installers, and electricians, our clients can rest assured we are here for support before, during, and after your system is installed. Hilton Head Solar and Roofing is dedicated to educating our customers while delivering the highest level of service and support for years to come.

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