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With $0 Down and Payments as Low as $120/month,
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Customized Solutions

We’re not a “one size fits all” provider. We customize and design each and every system to meet your individual needs – ensuring your system is personally optimized for the best solar performance!

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Impeccable Installation

We are a direct installer. Unlike other companies – we don’t subcontract the work.  Having our own in-house team ensures we maintain the highest quality standards throughout the entire process.

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Financing Expertise

We offer a wide array of financing options designed to fit every need – maximizing your return on investment. Call us today to find out how you can install a renewable energy system with as little as $0 down.


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    Helping Hilton Head Residents Just Like You

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    Of Combined Direct Experience  –  Designing and Installing Solar Energy Systems



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    Complete Customer Satisfaction  –  Just ask any one of our happy clients!


    About Us

    At Hilton Head Solar, our goal is to exceed the expectations of each and every client. We do that by offering outstanding customer service, customized solutions for every client, and the highest quality installation and support available.

    Unlike some solar companies, we are a direct installer – making us uniquely qualified to develop, construct and maintain roofing and renewable energy systems. With more than 20 years of combined experience, we have the hands-on technical knowledge and expertise to design and install your solar power system right – the first time.

    Need more proof?  Just ask our clients!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is solar right for me?


    • Are you a residential homeowner, commercial property owner and have space on your roof and/or property?
    • Does that area get a good amount of unobstructed direct sunlight?
    • If so, solar could be an option for you! Call us today for a free site evaluation.

    What happens when it's cloudy?


    • Solar energy can be produced even in the most extreme climates – to the snowy, wintery days of the Northeast to even cloudy rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest.  Our high-efficient solar panels can convert both direct and indirect light into electricity – so it works even on cloudy days.
    • Call us today so we can help determine if solar is right for you!

    How long do solar panels last?


    • Not all Solar Panels are alike – there are a wide variety of panels on the market with varying levels of efficiency, durability, reliability, and output  That’s why we recommend and are an authorized dealer SunPower solar PV panels.
    • Backed by the best-in-industry 25-year Power and Product Warranty for home or commercial use, the SunPower solar PV panels will last for decades to come.
    • Call us today to learn more or to schedule your free site evaluation!

    Will my roof leak?


    • Your system is installed with professional care.
    • At Hilton Head Solar, we have over 20 years combined experience installing all types of racking systems.  The racking systems are installed with a roof water-tight method, we call flashing.  Approved by all shingle manufacturers, flashing prevents any form of water penetration into the home of business.
    • Call us today to learn more or to schedule your free site evaluation!

    What maintenance is required?


    • Since solar panels have little to no moving parts, the maintenance costs for these systems remains relatively low.
    • However, solar panels are exposed to dirt, debris, and pollution.  Therefore, most solar panel manufacturers recommend you clean your solar PV array approximately every six months.  Regular cleaning can be done by either you, Hilton Head Solar, or by a window cleaning company specializing in solar array cleaning.
    • Call us today to learn more or to schedule your free home evaluation.
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    Why Choose Us?



    At Hilton Head Solar, we offer premium installations at highly competitive pricing



    Quality installations and impeccable customer service is our #1 priority



    As a leading expert in Solar Energy, we are there to help each client every step of the way.  Just ask anyone.


    What Our Customers Are Saying

    "Their advice and support has been first class, I can't thank them enough for how they helped."

    Henry Juelch
    Bluffton, SC

    "Great company. Very knowledgeable staff. Very helpful and willing to go above and beyond..."

    Derrick Jenkin
    Guyton, GA

    "Hilton Head Solar did an outstanding job on our solar panel installation."

    Mrs. Gillooly
    Bluffton, SC


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