Solar Hot Water Systems

The sun is shining every day. Why not use the source of the sun’s power to heat the water in your home?

A Solar Hot Water System can be a simple, reliable and cost-effective way for you to harness the power of the sun to meet your hot water needs.

Here’s how it works

All Solar Hot Water Systems include a storage tank and solar collectors. They utilize the sun’s thermal energy to heat the water in your home.  But the type of solar hot water system that’s right for you differs based on where you live and how much electricity is used.

Passive Solar Hot Water Systems

Passive Solar Hot Water Systems are typically the most cost-efficient type of system and are best in states with the warmest climates year round and that are not subject to freezing temperatures. Using no electricity, and having no moving parts – passive systems rely on the basic fundamentals of physics: heat rises. In this case, it’s the hot water that rises. It flows through the system as cooler water sinks. The solar collector must be installed below the storage tank so that warm water rises in the tank.

Active Solar Hot Water Systems

Active Solar Hot Water Systems are used in more moderate and colder climates. They use temperature controls and circulating pumps to maintain hot water temperatures within your home. Normally, when you stop using the hot water in your home, the water in your hot water tank will cool to temperatures around 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. A solar hot water system will increase the normal hot water tank temperature to approximately 85 degrees. It does this by circulating water through your solar collectors. To heat water even more, some systems, known as Active-Closed Loop Solar systems heat a fluid that flows through a copper coil system. This fluid runs through a heat exchanger and heats the hot water in a special reservoir tank.

As with other solar energy solutions, the benefits of installing a Solar Hot Water System are enormous.

Areas Served

South Carolina

  • Beaufort County
  • Charleston County
  • Lexington County
  • Richland County
  • Georgetown County
  • Dorchester County
  • Florence County
  • Horry County
  • Greenville County
  • Aiken County
  • Jasper County
  • Greenwood County


  • Chatham County
  • Effingham County
  • Bryan County
  • Screven County
  • Sumter County
  • Bulloch County
  • Richmond County
  • McIntosh County
  • Long County
  • Liberty County
  • Candler County
  • Jenkins County
  • Burke County
  • Wayne County

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