How to Prepare for a Roof Replacement in Hilton Head: 11 Practical Tips

Roof replacement in Hilton Head shouldn’t cause you a headache. That’s a one-day job for a good crew. Even if your roof is big or something unusual happens, it shouldn’t take more than five days. 

And if you prepare properly for it, it will go even smoother and with much less stress involved. So, what exactly can you do? Here are seven practical tips for your upcoming roof replacement. Read on!

Be a Good Neighbor

Letting your neighbors know that you’re replacing your roof is the least you can do. It’s not a silent project, so give your neighbors a chance to plan something for that day. Not everyone enjoys the sound of hammers. And if your houses are very close, they may want to move their car away.

Don’t Forget to Mow the Lawn

The wet, humid part of the year is here, so lawns need more care. Mow yours before the roofing crew arrives. It may seem unrelated to roofing, but replacing the whole roof requires a lot of nails. Some may fall to the ground. And it’s much simpler to find a shiny object in a short grass than in a lush jungle.

Take Care of Your Plants

If you have a tall tree on your property that covers your roof – your green friend will need a haircut. Saw off the branches that may put the roofing team in danger or slow the project down. 

Make Things as Easy as Possible for the Roofing Team

When you notice signs that you need to replace your roof, you want the roofing company that will make the process as simple as possible. And they want clients who don’t make things difficult. 

So, ensure they can access power outlets. Warn them about critical parts of the roof. They’d see them on their own, but giving a heads-up about a squeaky area is a nice thing to do.

Maybe Take Your Kids for an Ice Cream

Silent roof replacement still isn’t a thing, so if you have small kids, it may be better to go for ice cream while the crew works. They can stay home if your kids don’t mind the noise and vibrations.

Don’t Forget Your Pets

Yet, pets are sometimes more complicated than kids. Some dogs get scared by all the hammering. Some cats seem even grumpier than usual. But the one animal that hates roof replacement projects is a goldfish, especially if it lives in the attic. Vibrations are stronger closer to the roof. If you have an aquarium, secure it, or move it from the attic if it’s there.

Protect Your Windows

You’ll feel calmer if you protect the glass parts of your home. Usually, there are no accidents during the roof replacement, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, so you can use some boards to secure your windows additionally. 

Move the Patio Furniture Away 

You want to make the roof as accessible as possible. Keeping your patio furniture around the house where it might be an obstacle may slow the process down and if something falls from the roof, unprotected furniture may get damaged. So, the easiest thing to do is to move the furniture away.

Secure the Things You Can’t Move

Of course, some things are where they are and can’t move. A hot tub, fireplace, tomato garden… You can’t relocate those, but you can secure them. Let’s take a hot tub as an example. Shield it with a tub cover to keep debris away. And if you think things may start falling from the sky, maybe build a wooden cover for the tub (a couple of boards, nothing fancy).

Cover Your Attic to Save Time on Cleaning

Your attic will suffer during the roof replacement. Dust will fall, things will shake. That’s why covering everything saves time on cleaning. But also secure anything that’s hanging from the walls. Do that in other parts of your house as well.

Call a Company That Knows Their Job

The preparation won’t help if the crew on top of your home doesn’t know exactly what to do. That’s why it’s always best to call your trusted Hilton Head Island SC roofing company with proven experience. We’ll make sure your project goes smoothly and to your satisfaction.