At Hilton Head Solar, we pride ourselves on the quality of our installation.  Unlike some other solar energy providers in the Hilton Head area, we don’t subcontract our work.  We are direct installers.  With over 20 years of combined direct hands-on experience designing, installing, and maintaining solar energy systems, we won’t trust our name with anyone else.    

Our concentration on the quality of the installation will provide you with the most attractive solar system that provides you with years of dependable electricity production.

The problem Our installation difference
Industrial looking solar panels Triple-black (black cells, backing, and frame) solar panels that provide a seamless appearance on your roof
Ugly conduit lines across the roof Whenever possible, we run internal wiring through your attic space
Visible transition boxes on your roof We install and hide all transition boxes installed under your solar panels, combined with internal wiring, allowing us to hide the transition of wiring from outdoors to indoors through your home.
Visible screw and bolt ends in the attic space Penetrations directly into structural members, assuring the tightest installation, and withstanding the wind speeds necessary for the local weather forecasts.
Roof leaks All penetrations are fully flashed, with black flashing that is sealed to the roof, and integrated into your existing asphalt shingles.  Penetration points are elevated, installed with rubber gaskets, then sealed to protect your home for years.
Protruding silver rails All rails are black, trimmed to within one inch of the edges of the solar panels, and black-capped.
Drooping wires in contact with asphalt shingles We install with stainless steel, vinyl coated wire management ties and aluminum/ EPDM rubber wire management clips. These types of tools are special ordered and not a common method in the solar industry. They do not degrade when exposed to the elements. Unlike the typical solution that our competitors use, plastic UV rated zip ties, our specialized wire-management system will last you the life of the system.
Panels too high off the roof We use flashing and L-brackets assuring a low-profile installation that is close to the roof while providing adequate airflow behind the panels.
Checkerboards and missing panels When possible, panels are installed over rooftop ventilation pipes and vented out the top of the solar panel array.  Design methods, based upon years of designing solar arrays, minimize the disruption of the solar panel layout whenever possible.

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