Many pools are heated with propane gas.  But did you know, you can significantly reduce your pool’s heating cost by going with a solar pool heater?

With the average South Carolina pool owner spending approximately $600/month in propane gas to heat their pool, solar pool heaters often have payback periods of one year or less.  In fact, depending on the climate solar pool heaters are often the most efficient use of solar energy systems.

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Here’s how they work:

Just like other pool heaters, solar pool heaters a little extra equipment including:

  • A solar collector – which heats the water as its circulated through it
  • A filter – this is specific for the solar pool heater.  It removes the debris from the water before it goes through the solar collector
  • A pump – to help circulate the water between the filter and the solar collector
  • A flow control valve – that diverts the pool water the solar pool heater system

To heat the pool, pool water is pumped through the filter and then through the solar collector to heat the water before it is returned to the pool.  Some systems include sensors which can automatically divert the water to the heater when the collector’s temperature is significantly greater than the pool water.  On the reverse, for warmer climates in the hotter months – the solar collector can be used at night to help cool the pool water temperature.

Our solar pool heaters can be installed on the roof, using rooftop heat exchangers and they can also be installed on the side of your home, using a heat pump.

But before selecting a solar pool heater, you’ll need to determine your home’s solar capacity and the size heater you’ll need to effectively heat the pool.  That’s where we can help!

Call Us Today at 843-21-SOLAR (76527) to Determine Which Solar Pool Heater is Right For You Or To Learn About More About Hilton Head Solar.

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