When installing a new solar energy system – a lot of people ask, “Do I also need solar batteries?”

The answer is: “Maybe”.  While the cost of solar batteries is still relatively expensive, the peace of mind they can offer is often priceless.  If you are prone to power outages, experience frequent inclement weather or affected by major storms – then solar batteries may be right for you.

How Solar Batteries Can Help

When you use a solar battery as part of your overall solar PV system, you can store the excess electricity your panels produce and store it for later use.  The higher the capacity of the battery, the more solar power you can store.

Solar batteries work by using the same current produced by your solar panels.  First, the DC electricity produced by the solar panels is converted to AC power by a standard solar inverter.  This inverter supplies the solar electricity to your home.  Excess electricity is stored in the battery for future use.  Just like a solar inverter is needed to convert the DC power to AC power,  you will need a separate inverter to convert the power stored in a battery. Note: some solar batteries contain inverters integrated within the system.   When a solar battery is installed – you will still send electricity back to the grid (in grid-tied systems).  This only occurs when your battery is fully charged.

At Hilton Head Solar, we design battery systems to provide power to the essential items in your home that need to operate in the case of a power outage.  To remain cost-effective, we like to design our battery systems to handle emergency dedicated circuits first.  Dedicated circuits such as your refrigerator, security system, internet router, a few kitchen receptacles, hallway and outdoor lights, and your water pump.  While we would all like the batteries to be able to offset your cooling and heating loads – the power demands of most common cooling and heating systems cannot be supported by a standard battery system.

Whether you’re preparing for intermittent power outages, storm recovery or overall electricity system failure, our battery solutions can power your critical needs.


Recommended Solar Power Storage Options:


SonnenBatterie Solutions

The premium line of battery backup systems, Sonnen provides intelligent backup for solar systems.  The sonnenBatterie easily integrates with new and existing solar power systems.  The SonnenBatterie Eco line includes an inverter and smart energy management software.  This energy management software, integrated into each battery system, maximizes battery performance.  SonnenBatterie’s largest residential battery is a 16kWh battery.

Sonnen Batteries systems are protected by a 10-year, 10,000 cycle warranty.  American/German engineered and assembled, SONY battery exclusivity.

The LG RESU Energy Storage Systems (ESS) stores electric energy and utilizes it for later consumption.  LG Chem provides Lithium-ion Battery systems with an associated 10-year limited warranty.  LG is a South Korean technology manufacturer.  Offering a more affordable battery solution, LG directly connects to other manufactured inverters without the integrated technology that other battery manufacturers offer.  LG’s largest residential battery system is a 9.8Wh battery.

SMA Secure Power Supply

For homes that require a small amount of power during power outages, SMA has an option for you.  They provide inverters featuring a Secure Power Supply (SPS).  The SPS will provide up to 15 amps of power to a dedicated outlet.  This dedicated outlet can provide power to grid-tied systems during an outage.  The SPS can be used while the solar power system is able to produce electricity.  This means it will only work in daylight hours when the sun is shining.  An SPS provides you with a lower cost power supply without investing in more expensive batteries.

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