Is Space A Premium at Your Location?

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Solar Parking Structures and Solar Canopies are a great way to save money on your business’ utility costs, provide covered parking for your employees –  all while going green and protecting the environment.

Your Parking Lot Can Serve Two Purposes

Your company’s parking lot is often an ideal location to install your solar panel system. Parking lots and garage rooftops typically offer expansive, un-shaded and unobstructed spaces ideal for installing commercial-scale solar PV systems.  Installing a solar array canopy over an existing parking lot or structure is a more efficient use of space.  Now your parking spaces can be covered, offering a cooler area to park your vehicles. This is very appealing in the Lowcountry where our vehicle temperatures can reach as high as 130º F in the sun. It can also provide you with a cost-effective way to tap into the trend of offering plug-in electric vehicle charging stations for your employees.  And unlike some roof-mounted systems, your solar panels can be oriented so they produce as much energy as possible – maximizing your savings.

Benefits of Solar Parking Structure or Solar Canopy

  • Increased Energy Production:  With rooftop installations, solar arrays are typically two or three rows wide. Solar parking lots, by comparison, can be large enough to cover dozens of parking rows – turning your existing parking lot into a major power generator
  • Optimized Efficiency:  With a solar parking structure – you can determine the angle of the panels in order to maximize their sun exposure.  The same holds true with a solar canopy.  The panels can serve as the “roof” of the structure capitalizing on the best angle energy production while providing shade and protection for your employee’s cars.

However, Solar Parking Structures can present unique challenges when it comes to system design, project management, and construction.   Hilton Head Solar has the design expertise and installation staff that can make it easy.

Getting started is easy! 

Call Hilton Head Solar TODAY at 843-21-SOLAR (76527) for your complimentary solar evaluation.  It only takes 15 minutes to find out if solar is right for you.

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