Art in Ridgeland is a unique community based organization dedicated to promoting the artist and their art. A major component of Art in Ridgeland SC is the Art Galleries of Ridgeland, which is a non profit community organization that showcases the work of local artists and also provides public art programs. Art in Ridgeland SC supports and invites both long established and new artist’s work into its walls, offering them a platform through which to present their vision. Artists living and working in Ridgeland have a strong economic base through their employment by the various small businesses in the area, and a thriving arts community has developed around the Arts Council of Ridgeland, providing many artists with financial and other support.

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The Ridgeland community has grown so much as an art community and tourist destination. There are now four major art galleries and three youth art organizations. The Ridgeland Art Galleries features over sixty regularly selected paintings, as well as books and gift cards from local artisans. The Ridgeland Art Association is a non profit membership organization that provides training to its members for professional presentation of art, while promoting the art. The Arts Council of Ridgeland SC is a nonprofit organization that works towards promoting and improving the artistic and cultural scene in the area. The Arts Council was formed in response to the “art deficit” in South Carolina, and they believe that there is a critical need for arts in the state.

These three organizations are at the forefront of promoting local artists while helping to fund their artistic endeavors. The Ridgeland Arts Council is funded by the generosity of the citizens of Ridgeland, and they sponsor events such as the Art in Ridgeland Festival. They also have a large number of scholarships and fellowships that help to support the work of their artists and keep the community well-informed about art. If you are looking for an interesting place to visit, when it comes to finding unique artwork and an artist’s community, then you should definitely check out Ridgeland SC.

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