Our Services

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and exceptional communication. Over seven years as a direct installer gives us the knowledge and expertise to optimize system functionality and operation efficiency. Our team is distinguished by our functional and technical hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.

We are committed to providing our clients with solar for homes, small businesses, and commercial and industrial facilities.  Hilton Head Solar is continuously finding new ways to improve the installation process and update our system designs with new and improved technologies.  We are constantly creating and standardizing site assessments, identifying strategies and risks associated with new designs, and the construction of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.  We are constantly performing feasibility reviews of different project worksites for PV and hot water systems.  Our design team identifies improved designs to increase profitability and reduce construction timelines.  We directly manage all operations and maintenance standards and procedures for 100% of our solar projects.

Hilton Head Solar has the experience in developing projects with our financing partners and equity investors, locking in the return on investment and revenue streams for projects.  From the homeowner looking to eliminate their electric bill with $0 down to the industrial facilities manager seeking a cash flow positive solution to spiraling power costs, Hilton Head Solar has the financial partners needed for your project.

We build and manage every system with qualified construction managers and professionals.  We specialize in every aspect of engineering, procurement, and construction when planning and developing your solar system.

Solar policy is an ever-changing and evolving system that can quickly become overwhelmingly complex.  Rather than attempting to navigate the sea of available incentives, eligibility requirements, and applications, leverage the team of renewable and efficiency policy and incentive experts at Hilton Head Solar.

Our team will assure that your solar solution meets all policy requirements and will quickly and easily identify and explain all available incentives and programs that help to reduce the cost and increase the return on investment in solar for your home or business.

The availability, timing, and levels of incentives are constantly changing, so you can count on the experts at Hilton Head Solar to share what incentives are currently available to you, what may be changing soon, and when to take advantage of the various programs offered by different agencies and organizations.

Specializing in the full service and installations of solar PV systems, our team has the experience to create the perfect, most efficient renewable power systems, handling any system design and installation in the expected timelines.  You can expect our construction and management services to be coordinated in a timely manner, helping to deliver results and delivering a standard in energy services.

For homeowners, our team provides open communication throughout the installation process, so you will always know how your project is progressing, you will know when our installation team will be at your home, and most importantly, when your solar system is projected to start generating clean, renewable electricity for your home.

For commercial and industrial systems, our energy management team provides services which include:

  • Daily bidding and scheduling for the system resource in the ISO
  • Organizing capacity payments
  • Selling the power in long-term agreements.
Our solar design team has combined experience totaling over 20 years in solar PV system design and solar hot water systems for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.  We specialize in custom solar support structures and customized racking solutions, using the most efficient and awarded solar modules in the market.  We work with a large variety of manufacturers that help us to be very flexible with our system designs.  Every system requires customized solutions and designs, optimizing each location, and giving the system the best solar power performance.  We coordinate every design with the appropriate solar module and inverter sizing selections, electrical circuit configuration, and project management requirements.

We are members of the U. S. Green Building Council (USGBC).  Our designers and engineers have over 12 years combined experience in offering mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering design services.  We also offer additional services including:

  • sustainable design and LEED rating system compliance services
  • existing conditions surveys
  • feasibility studies and due diligence
  • reports
  • record drawings
  • energy compliance services and calculations
  • construction cost budgeting
Our in-house installation team consists of installers with in-the-field and hands-on system application experience.  Hilton Head Solar is a direct installer, consisting of our own labor crew, designers, engineers, electricians, energy auditors, renewable energy advisors, and financing partners.  Safety, quality, and cleanliness are our top priorities during system installation.  Having our own team in-house and under our control allows us to maintain the highest standards as well as an efficient installation schedule.

We implement and install many different and complex customized designs with experience and competence, inclusive of:

  • Ground mounts
  • Roof mounts
  • Car ports and solar canopies
  • Customized solar support structures
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