Operations and Maintenance Services

We are committed to providing our clients with customized maintenance and monitoring solutions for solar photovoltaic (PV) installations for their home or business.

Existing System Service 

If your original solar provider has gone out of business or become unreliable, Hilton Head Solar will gladly service your solar system for you.  Our NABCEP-certified technicians can troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair your system at a reasonable hourly rate.

Warranty Service 

Hilton Head Solar is fully qualified to perform these services for your solar system.  We work with all major manufacturers to have your components replaced with minimal down-time so you’re back to full performance quickly.

Solar Panel Cleaning

There is no need to climb up on your roof to clean them.  It’s a process that, unless you’re properly trained, can be difficult and dangerous.  Hilton Head Solar’s professional cleaning services will remove all matter from your solar panels that may be negatively affecting your system’s electricity production.  Our solar cleaning team has the proper training and equipment to assure that your system is cleaned safely, without any damage to your system.

Service Contracts 

Hilton Head Solar’s post-construction service contracts are custom-developed to include the services required for our customers.  Our service contracts range from simple residential annual inspection and cleaning services to full-service commercial contracts that can include:

  • asset assessment and inspections
  • testing, analysis, and verification of system output
  • monitoring/data acquisition system/meter calibration and accuracy verification
  • repair, adjustment, preventative maintenance
  • cleaning
  • torque check and re-tightening
  • system performance and other reporting
  • warranty claims
  • guaranteed response times
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