Hilton Head Solar is managed and advised by an all-star team of highly specialized professionals with financing, project development and construction expertise in renewable energy, real estate, and general construction. As professionals with more than twenty years of experience directly installing renewable energy systems and building residential homes from the ground up, we are uniquely qualified to develop, construct and maintain roofing and renewable energy systems.

Hilton Head Solar focuses on the commercial, industrial, and municipal sectors, working with partners and clients to maximize energy savings in order to generate immediate positive cash flows with limited out‐of-pocket expenses.

Hilton Head Solar is a privately held South Carolina Corporation. Our installation team performs work in the following states: SC, GA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, CA, AZ, VT, PA, and DE. Lucent Energy Management is the parent company of Hilton Head Solar.

Construction Oversight

Management or oversight of photovoltaic plant construction. Typical scope of work included management of sub-contractors, site visit inspections, weekly progress meetings, and tracking of project budget and milestone completion.

Owner’s Engineering

Technical evaluation of potential or operating photovoltaic systems prior to client acquisition. Typical scope of work included site visit testing and inspection, an analysis of plant performance, an estimation of future energy generation, and a review of the plant’s operation and maintenance records in order to assess unavailability events, serial equipment failures, and equipment warranty claims.


Activities related to the assessment of assets post-construction, including visual and mechanical inspections, open-circuit voltage testing, operating current testing, string I-V curve testing and analysis, infra-red thermography imaging, inverter efficiency analysis, performance ratio verification, weather station and monitoring system verification, and punch list documentation.



Analysis, Design, and Engineering

Review of homeowner’s electricity consumption levels, design of appropriate system that provides the best return on investment, and all necessary engineering services required to facilitate interconnection and permitting of the solar system

Permitting and Installation

Activities related to the application and completion of all required permits and interconnections of the solar system.  Complete installation services including mounting system, electrical and solar equipment, and balance of system.  Facilitation of all required inspections.  Configuration of online monitoring system.

Residential Operations and Maintenance Plans

Operations and Maintenance plans, above and beyond standard warranty service, are available for homeowners.  Enrolling in an Operations and Maintenance plan allows clients to avoid unpredictable costs later in the life of the system.

Annual services:

  • Inspect the System’s general site conditions, PV arrays, electrical equipment, mounting structure, data acquisition system, and balance of the System.
  • Clean the panels of the System at least once each calendar year, at a time selected by the homeowner.
  • Test the System and the solar meter (when present) and online monitoring system, including string level open circuit voltage and DC operating amperage tests, at least once each calendar year.
    • Conduct inverter preventive maintenance in compliance with all manufacturers’ operation guidelines
    • Remove any materials (e.g., trash, bird nests, etc.) that may be found under the PV array modules obstructing airflow
    • Inspect the array mounting structure, conduit runs and other physical components for wear or damage
    • Perform or cause to be performed necessary major repairs of the solar system
    • Make and coordinate claims for reimbursement and/or replacement under any available warranty from manufacturers, installers or other similar entities relating to any or all of the solar system